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Criminal Defense

Even a misdemeanor charge can have a serious impact on your future. From misdemeanor drug possession and DUI to shoplifting, these charges can stay on your criminal record. In addition, you will likely face significant fines or even jail time.

It is important you have a lawyer who understands how to fight these charges and protect your interests. Attorney Barbara Lanier has decades of criminal defense experience and has handled all types of cases, from death penalty cases to traffic violations.

She has the experience and abilities needed to get results in your criminal law case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, call her Savannah, Georgia, law office today at 912-417-9726 to schedule a consultation and learn how she can protect you.

Domestic Violence Charges

These charges often stem from volatile situations and emotional arguments where it’s difficult for law enforcement to sort out who is at fault or if there is danger. Police have a responsibility to take accusations seriously and remove an individual who could be a danger. This results in many innocent individuals being arrested on domestic violence charges.

Attorney Lanier is skilled in presenting the truth and fighting for the accused individual. It is not uncommon for these accusations to be made during family law proceedings to gain an upper hand. She will dig through the accounts to reveal the facts and protect her clients.

DUI And Traffic Violations

Whether you are facing a DUI or a speeding ticket, the charge has the potential to create serious issues. If your license is suspended or revoked, it is an expensive and complicated process to get it reinstated. Every day without your license is a day you can’t get to work or transport your children.

Attorney Lanier knows the local courts and will work with the appropriate individuals to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.

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