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Creating Simple Wills & Estates For Individuals and Families

Online tools claim to provide do-it-yourself estate planning services at unbelievable prices. While these forms will help you set up very basic estate planning vehicles, they do not protect you against factors and variables that could affect your specific situation.

It is important during the estate planning process to work with an attorney who is skilled in putting together the will, trusts and other vehicles needed to ensure you and your loved ones are fully protected.

Simple Will Drafting And Estate Planning Services Tailored To Your Goals

Attorney Barbara Lanier provides clear guidance and estate planning services at a reasonable fee. For less than $300, she can establish a solid foundational estate plan tailored to your needs and circumstances. She handles the technical and legal aspects of estate planning, providing you peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be provided for.

She will review the details of your estate and provide clear guidance regarding how best to pass your property and assets along to your loved ones, including offering strategies and shields from costly government taxes.

Life Can Be Unpredictable — Make Sure Your Estate Plan Keeps Pace

Over time, as your personal circumstances and family dynamics change, she will revisit the estate plan and make necessary revisions and updates to reflect the changes in your life. Many people assume this only applies to divorce, death or a falling out in the family. There are other changes, however, that can affect your estate plan. These can include a significant change in employment, income or assets, including a large inheritance.

Probate Representation

If you are responsible for the probate of an estate, attorney Lanier can assist you with the executor duties, helping you streamline the process and complete it as efficiently as possible. She also represents individuals who must go through probate court because the original will was improperly completed or revised.

For more information about how she can help you prepare for the future and protect your assets to be passed down to loved ones, please call her Savannah, Georgia, law office at 912-417-9726 for a consultation.

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